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Keisuke Nishi

Keiuke Nishi was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. After graduating from ESP Guitar Craft Academy and later Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery, he joined the custom shop of First Act Inc. in Boston. While working at First Act, Keisuke met Canadian luthier Mario Beauregard who is considered to be one of the best luthiers today. After showing Mario a some samples of his work, Keisuke was invited by Mario to join him at his shop in Quebec to apprentice for him. He stayed with Mario for one year. While working with Mario he learned so many things. He continues to learn while crafting his new creations today. Keisuke returned to Japan to start Keystone Stringed Instruments in summer of 2007.

東京産まれ。日本のESP Guitar Craft Academyとアメリカ、アリゾナにあるRoverto-Venn School of Luthiery 卒業後ボストンの楽器製作、卸会社 First Actのカスタムショップに入社。同社ではカスタムエレクトリックギターの製作を中心に、新モデルも開発も手がけ現在でもアメリカを中心に販売されている。

退社後、同社就労時に知り合ったカナダ、モントリオールの製作家Mario Beauregard(マリオ ボーラガー氏)に許可を得て約一年間氏の元で修行をする。

2006年に帰国。約一年の準備期間を経て2007年夏にKeystone Stringed Instrumentsを立ち上げる。


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